1996-2007 Programs

  • ALICE: Ancestor Project

    ALICE: Ancestor Project

    OFFTA funded artist residencies through ALICE (Arts and Literacy in Children’s Education) that provided a…

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  • ArrowSoul: Oasis

    ArrowSoul: Oasis

    For the Arrow-Soul Writing Class at Oasis, students studied and created their own art in…

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  • ArtEsteem: All Programs

    ArtEsteem: All Programs

    ArtEsteem is an in-school and after-school program that engages children/youth by supporting tangible and intellectual by…

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  • ArtEsteem:  Self as a Super Hero

    ArtEsteem: Self as a Super Hero

    ArtEsteem's Self as a Super Hero teaches children self-reflection, discovery and imagination.  Through art, students…

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  • ArtGate: Artist-in-Residence

    ArtGate: Artist-in-Residence

    Opera Piccola provided students with a program in drama, mural art and dance, as well…

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  • ArtPlace Prescott

    ArtPlace Prescott

    ArtPLACE is an integrated, basic arts education program for K-5 students at PLACE @Prescott Elementary…

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  • Berkeley Rep:  Performance Lab

    Berkeley Rep: Performance Lab

    Performance Lab is a two-semester program for public high school students that culminates in an…

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  • Berkeley Rep: Playmaking Project

    Berkeley Rep: Playmaking Project

    The Playmaking Project draws on students' imagination and creativity to develop two or three non-human…

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  • Ceramics Program at Hawthorne

    Ceramics Program at Hawthorne

    In this pilot after-school program, K-6 elementary school students at Hawthorne Elementary in Fruitvale learned…

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  • Discover Art Club

    Discover Art Club

    Discover Art helped students and their parents learn about artists and explore their own talents…

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  • Diversity Mural Project

    Diversity Mural Project

    Mama Oak and Her Children Mural was the name that the 5th grade students chose for…

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  • East Bay Conservation Corps Mural Project

    East Bay Conservation Corps Mural Projec

    Every staff member and student at East Bay Conservation Corps K-5 Charter School participated in…

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