The grant application period for June 2017-May 2018 season is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Arts for Oakland Kids, formerly Oakland Fund for the Arts (OFFTA).

If you have any questions or special requests, please email us at
Funding Guidelines
Arts for Oakland Kids (AOK) awards grants of up to $5,000 for hands-on arts education programs in the Oakland, California, public schools. Programs must be:

  • Hands-on arts education programs in which children participate in the direct experience of creating art.
  • Supported by the school principal with active participation of a school liaison to ensure the program’s success.
  • Conducted at a school (or schools) or at an off-site location in conjunction with a school.

We may also consider one-time funding for specific arts-related needs, depending on the circumstance.

NOTE: Arts for Oakland Kids does NOT require that grant funds be paid through a 501(c)3 agent. You may use a 510(c)3 organization as a fiscal agent, so long as that organization does not keep any AOK grant funds as fees, commissions, percentages, administrative costs, or overhead expense. If your organization or fiscal agent is a qualified IRS 501(c)3 entity, submit the documentation in your grant proposal.

Criteria for Funding

To help you understand if your proposed program is eligible for an Arts for Oakland Kids’ grant, we’ve outlined the basic criteria we use in program evaluation. If you have questions about whether your program meets AOK’s funding criteria, please contact us.

  • AOK only funds programs in which each child actively participates in creating art.
  • No minimum number of students is required. We evaluate programs individually based on general merit.
  • AOK does fund programs located at a site other than a public school (such as a community center or private school) provided they serve the target population of K-12 students enrolled in under-served Oakland public schools.
  • AOK does fund program activities that directly benefit the students involved in the arts education program, including art supplies, artist’s salary, costume materials, supplementary educational materials, etc.
  • AOK will fund a program one time within a school year. If your program stretches over more than one semester, apply for the program based on the entire school year.
  • AOK may fund the same program at the same school for three consecutive years every five years, at the end of which a one-school-year break may be imposed before the program administrator may again apply for funding.
  • AOK requires the program agent to submit an AOK-supplied Final Report form within 30 days of the conclusion of the program period. Final Reports should include a detailed summary of the program and 3-5 images, recordings, or other media that show participants involved in the program. The final report and all accompanying images, recordings, or other materials may be submitted electronically and become the property of Arts for Oakland Kids. The funded program and its agents grant non-exclusive copyright ownership to Arts for Oakland Kids and its partners to reproduce such report photographs and other program materials for marketing purposes as agreed to in the Funding Agreement.
  • AOK requires compliance with our Media Opt-Out policy prior to funding.
  • AOK does not fund OUSD teachers' pay, transportation costs, field trips, food, non-program-related supplies, etc.

Preparing your grant proposal

  • Read through information on our website to help you write your grant proposal:
  • A copy of the Grant Application is available to use as a worksheet during your grant preparation. However, a printed copy cannot be substituted for a submitted online application.Once you submit your line application, you cannot edit it further.  Please be sure you've finished the entire application before you submit.  After you complete the online application, we strongly advise you to print a completed copy for your records.
  • If you have questions about whether your program qualifies for grant funding, please contact us. You can call our voice mail phone number at 510.488.3036, or email us at

Submitting your online "Request for Funding" application and supporting documents**

  • Complete and submit the online form no later than April 15.
  • Send supporting documents either by mail –OR– as email attachment.
  • If you choose to mail, send your supporting documents to:
    Arts for Oakland Kids, PO Box 29022, Oakland, CA 94604
  • The envelope must be postmarked be no later than April 15.
  • If you choose to email the documents,
    • Send them as email attachments to:
    • Include in the subject line includes your program name.
    • Email attachments must be sent no later than April 15.
    • Attachments must be in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .pdf format.

**Required supporting documents:

  • Narrative of the program with stated goals and learning objectives
  • Program artist/applicant resume(s)
  • Letter or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the school principal
  • Organizational budget
  • Line-item program budget

What to expect after submission

  • Once your form is submitted, a member of AOK’s Board (your assigned board liaison) may contact you to discuss the proposed program. If it is determined that the proposed arts education program appears to be consistent with AOK’s mission and guiding principles, you may be asked to arrange a site visit at the location(s) where the program will take place.
  • The Request for Funding proposal along with supporting documents will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. You will be assigned a liaison who may contact you additional information is required. Late or incomplete Requests for Funding will not be reviewed.
  • In June, the Executive Director will inform you of the Board’s decision and discuss the next steps.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email Megan at 510.488.3036 or