About AOK

Learning without Limits

Who We Are

Our mission

Is to enhance the lives of Oakland students by funding arts education in our most under-served schools.

Our vision

To create a community where every student has equal access to arts education.

Our impact

Since 1996, we have funded 130+ art programs reaching more than 18,000 Oakland public school students.

What We Do

  • We focus on Oakland's most financially-challenged schools where there is little or no arts education.
  • We include all types of art genres (performance, industrial, digital, visual, ethnic, literary, etc.) whereas other arts organizations may focus on only one art genre.
  • We serve as a “bridge-funding” organization to ensure that local arts organizations include Oakland’s under-served schools in their existing programming.
  • We fund programs that provide direct interaction between students and teaching artists. We support local Oakland artists by funding programs that hire them to share their expertise and talents with Oakland kids.
  • We nurture artists and teachers who are new to the grant process but have developed innovative art programs with growth potential.
  • We organize and fund neighborhood projects that bring the art experience to students and parents living in low-income areas.
  • We provide special funding:
    • to extend art education outside of the school year by supporting summer and after-school programs.
    • for students from under-served Oakland schools to further their art education after graduation.
    • for teachers to purchase art supplies in order to their teach art classes in under-served schools
  • We don’t just fund programs; we evaluate, monitor, and encourage our grantees by conducting site visits to each program and by maintaining close relationships with our program providers.