2009 Programs

  • Art: A Standard We Must Not Ignore

    Art: A Standard We Must Not Ignore

    A 6-month Artist Residency Program through MOCHA (Museum of Children’s Art), for which 4th grade…

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  • ArtEsteem: All Programs

    ArtEsteem: All Programs

    ArtEsteem is an in-school and after-school program that engages children/youth by supporting tangible and intellectual by…

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  • Artist of the Week

    Artist of the Week

    OFFTA provided funds to cover art supplies costs for the program, “Artist of the Week…

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  • Cantare Con Vivo Program

    Cantare Con Vivo Program

    The goal of this residency program was to provide inner-city Oakland public school students with…

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  • Cal Shakes:  Imagination and Discovery

    Cal Shakes: Imagination and Discovery

    OFFTA, now AOK, funding helped support California Shakespeare Theater (Cal Shakes) residencies that partnered trained…

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  • MOCHA: After-School Program

    MOCHA: After-School Program

    This program introduced students to the fundamentals of visual art—line, color, shape, texture and space.…

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  • MOCHA: Artist-in-Schools

    MOCHA: Artist-in-Schools

    MOCHA’s Artist-in-Schools program is a 16-week after-school program at Jefferson Elementary (2001), Urban Promise Academy…

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  • OYO Bridge Lesson Scholarship

    OYO Bridge Lesson Scholarship

    The Oakland Youth Orchestra (OYO) Bridge Lesson Scholarship program is a pipeline or feeder program…

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  • VALA: Animation & Performance

    VALA: Animation & Performance

    VALA (Visual Arts/Language Arts) provides programs with a focus on combining creative writing with the…

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  • Youth Fellows: AAU

    Youth Fellows: AAU

    Ten Oakland students who want to continue their art training after graduation may not always…

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