Program Testimonials

Students I thought would never step up, stepped up. The student who argued with me every day, and who is grieving the death of a sibling, ended up stage-managing her scene-mates.  The student who had cut my class for most of the first marking period, came to class for every rehearsal.  The student who lost his script three times had his lines mostly memorized...and on and on

Teacher, Oakland High School

The painting of the portraits was my favorite part of this process because it was a challenge that I felt successful in, and I got to spend time staring into my mother's eyes and reflect on what I had learned about her.

8th grade student , ASCEND Middle School

It was extraordinary to teach 60+ students foundational animation techniques....students seemed to glow with professionalism...(they) were able to successfully engage with the assignments, work in teams, and create solely from their imaginations new worlds, characters, and stories.

Artist-in-resident , Whittier Elementary School

This year has really helped me see the value of dance learning because of the changes I have seen in my students and self confidence and connectedness or comfort within their own bodies.

Leah Rabinovitch, Teacher, New Highland Elementary School